Friday, July 7, 2017

BadmintonGirls set/kit (CU/PU)+ FREEBIES

BadmintonGirls set/kit (CU/PU)+ FREEBIES

Can You believe it.... Friday is here AGAIN! Weeks just fly away, dont they? Maybe You will do as my New Poser-set: BadmintonGirls, doing... playing Badminton?

I havent played Badminton for A LONG time... but I KNOW I loved it, maybe I will buy my self a set of Badminton-rackets and start again... well, You never know!

My NEW Set BadmintonGirls includes:
Posers (together and single), portraits, elements, scenes, backgrounds/papers, animated Alphaphet-set, and art and artgif!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day/ 4th Of July USA

I just wanna wish America a REAL HAPPY Independence Day/ 4th Of July from my little corner of the world!

Hope and Pray that You ALL will have a wonderful time with Your friends and Loveones!
Love and Blessings
aka Nettis

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

FunAtThePlayGround/4 Desktops 4 JULY and MORE

FunAtThePlayGround/4 Desktops 4 JULY and MORE

I feel so blessed to be back with You all again! This summer-break was important to load my batteries and just relax... I will take one more break in the beginning of August, but I will come back to You with the date later on!

Between the 3rd of July Until the 30th of July I will offer 50% off in my Store! Heads Up for the tag 50% on my products!

Here is my New Set for You! Its kids having so much fun in the Playground together! They sure are enjoying the ☼summervacation☼

****Fun At The Playground set (PU/CU) includes: poses, scenes, elements, papers, animated Alpha-set, art and an artgif! The set will be Yours for 3 EUR****

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Set used here can be found HERE
 Set used here can be found HERE
  Set used here can be found HERE
 Set used here is on this blog!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Summerholiday + 2 Summersets (CU/PU)

Summerholiday + 2 Summersets (CU/PU)

Happy Days Are Here Again!
I will having 2 weeks SummerHoliday-break from 
DesignByNettis during 19th of June until 3rd of July! (requests of tags in my groups will be sent out as promise after last day to order) But Before I take my break I will share 2 Poser-sets with You, include FREEBIES!

They are Called:
GirlFriends On The Beach!

All links for buying and to download freebies will be find at my

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summerfun Between Sisters (CU/PU) + Freebies

Summerfun Between Sisters (CU/PU) + Freebies

☼Summertime is Funtime☼
I have a sister who is 14months older than me and we had SO much fun together when we was young... and we LOVED SummerTime and SummerHolidays spending together by the ocean, playing on the beach or spending time in the swimmingpool!
Remembering this makes me SO HAPPY inside!

My NEW Set/kit SummerFun Between Sisters are about sisters that just LOVE to play in the pool, on the beach and just having fun together!
This set includes poses: together and alone, portraits: alone... Awesome Scenes in the pool and on the beach. You will get many awesome papers/backgrounds and a very unique and special set of animated Alphaphet-set. And its not enough, You will also get an Art and an Artgif!

You will ONLY pay: 3 EUR for the WHOLE set!
CLICK HERE to Buy SummerFun Between Sisters and for the download-links for freebies at my NEW DesignerBlog!