Monday, February 27, 2017

St Patrick FantasyGirl-set + FREEBIES

St Patrick FantasyGirl-set + FREEBIES

Happy NEW WEEK everyone! Yepp, a new week, a blank page in the book of life for You to write! Wishing it will be a New Week filled with joy and Harmony!

I start my New week with sharing my New set for #stpatrick . We dont celebrate StPatrick here in Sweden, but I KNOW that YOU are MANY who do all over the world. I believe St Patrick will be celebrated on the 17th Of March, so here is my New set St Patrick FantasyGirl-set for YOU! This set will be yours for 2,5 EUR!

St. Patrick FantasyGirl-set includes:
5 #portraits , 8 #poses , 9 #scenes , 17 #elements in png-format. 24 #papers / #backgrounds in jpg-format. An #animated #alpha -set in #gif -format. An #art and #artgif .

To BUY St Patrick FantasyGirl-set for 2,5 EUR click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching #freebie tag-Extra CLICK HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching stationary for #incredimail click HERE

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Cutie-set + FREEBIES

Happy Cutie-set + FREEBIES

HAPPY MONDAY everyone! Yepp a brand New week is here AGAIN! I Hope YOU all have had a WONDERFUL relaxing weekend and that Your batteries are loaded to embrase a brand New week!

I will start Mine with sharing my New render poser -set Happy Cutie with YOU all! She will be Yours for 2,5 EUR!

Happy Cutie-set includes:
7 poses , 3 portraits , 15 elements in png-format. 12 papers / backgrounds in jpg-format. An animated alpha -set include font and å,ä,ö in gif -format. And finally an art and artgif .

To BUY Happy Cutie-set for 2,5 EUR click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching freebie tag-extra click HERE

to DOWNLOAD matching stationary for incredimail click HERE

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Japanese Girls With Fans FREEBIES

Japanese Girls With Fans FREEBIES

Happy Thursday Everyone... Can You believe it, friday is here AGAIN 2morrow... unbelievable How Time Flies away!

Today I have 2 #freebie -sets for YOU... and I really HOPE YOU will enjoy them, as much as I enjoy creating them to You!
They are called Japanese Girls With Fans!
Both sets includes #poses and an #animated #alpha -set. Plus an #art and #artgif ! Then I also have created a matching tag-extra in #gif -format and a matching stationary for #incredimail

Thank You for Your kind donation!
Read about how important Your kind gift is for me HERE
To DOWNLOAD Japanese Girl with fans set 1 (nude colors) click HERE
To DOWNLOAD Japanese Girl With Fans set 2 (colorful) click HERE

DOWNLOAD Matching tag-Extra set 1 click HERE
DOWNLOAD Matching tag-Extra set 2 click HERE

DOWNLOAD matching stationary for Incredimail set 1 HERE
DOWNLOAD matching stationary for Incredimail set 2 HERE

Monday, February 13, 2017



Good morning, #goodmorning world... Yepp a new morning and a brand #newweek is here, starting with this beautiful #Monday! #peek-a-boo to YOU!

And I will start Mine with sharing my New #poser / #render Raw to You-set with You all! She will be Yours for 1,5 EUR.
Raw To You-set includes:8 #poses with and without #cats , 4 #portraits in png-formats, an #animated #alpha -set include å,ä,ö in #gif -format. An #art and #artgif .

To BUY Raw To You-set for 1,5 EUR click HERE

TO DOWNLOAD matching Tag-Extra #freebie click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching stationary for #incredimail click HERE